⁽⁴ᴷ⁾ Wipperfeld – Schützenfest 2019 – Fireworks – Zobel Pyrotechnik – Feuerwerk – Vuurwerk

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[DE] Das feuerwerk (musikfeuerwerk) für die schützenfest 2019 im Wipperfeld! 😊
[EN] The Fireworks display for the traditional schützenfest for the city of Wipperfeld. The show, fired by Zobel Pyrotechnik, got some nice products like shells up to 12 inch (from Italy), Spanish Girandolas 😍, and some great singleshot parts! Filmed from the normal spot.. But also some spectacular dangercam shots from the field from the launch of the 12inch shell, and a very unique point of view from the rise of the Girandolas, with sound! 😍

A big thank you to Zobel Pyrotechnik and St. Seb. Schützenbruderschaft Wipperfeld 1921

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