Feuerwerk Annakirmes Duren 2008 – Steffes-Ollig Feuerwerke – Fireworks – Vuurwerk 1-8-2008

Dit vuurwerk filmpje is gepubliceerd op 5 maart 2020 bij Webmaster

Another great classic fireworks video (in HD, with awesome sound! ) from my video archive!😁 The funfair fireworks for the Annakirmes back in 2008 for the City of Duren, Germany. A great classic fireworks with some nice Italian and chinese shells!🔥😍 And a loud and earth shaking finale! This nice fireworks display was fired by Steffes-Ollig! Did i already mentioned the sound in the video of this fireworks is awesome? So turn up that volume or put on some good headphones! 😇🥰

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