⁽⁴ᴷ⁾ Saint-André-lez-Lille – Feu d’artifice – Fête Nationale 2020 – Bastille Day-POK 2.0 Lux Factory

Dit vuurwerk filmpje is gepubliceerd op 14 juli 2020 bij Webmaster

Because of the Corona virus not many cities in France have got the traditional fireworks display yesterday or today to celebrate the National Day ( Quatorze Juillet, Fête nationale or Bastille day) of France but the town Saint-André-lez-Lille did got a fireworks yesterday! 😁😍 A great fireworks display with a bnice loud finale fired by POK 2.0 Lux Factory! 🎆🔥 And it was our first professional fireworks of 2020, so we needed it! 😅

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